Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Really New York!?

I stumbled across a pretty interesting post by our friends over at RadioIowa that shows a picture of a billboard in New York city that “slams” Des Moines. The Billboard says that Nobody becomes famous in Des Moines.

In all reality, this billboard was put up by a local storage company to sell storage space – you know the kind where you lock up your belongings because you don’t have enough space in your dwelling. Apparently, closest space is at a premium in New York, yet the relation to becoming famous and Des Moines is still pretty unclear. Regardless of the clarity, I found I didn’t have the same reaction to this attempt to degrade our city as I did when a Seattle radio station used our city to push their promotion; that reaction prompted a post that had the most chatter than any other post in our near 3 years.

I actually chuckled when I read the billboard, which I imagine is the intended reaction of the brilliant ad execs who created it. But, I then wondered if New Yorkers even know which Des Moines the billboard intended to reference – it could have been for Des Moines, Washington. Of course it had to reference the city we love since Des Moines, Washington is no-where to be found on most search engines. Our Des Moines is all over the internet, mostly with accolades that list us as the #1 Best Place for Business and Careers, or as the #5 place in the nation for “Cities where Americans are Getting Richer” – those mentions were in Forbes, which ironically is based in New York.

But, I digress, it appears the masterminds at that small storage company in New York wanted to educate New Yorkers about our great city. Because, let’s face it, most people who read that billboard went directly to their favorite search engines to see where Des Moines is. Right? Or – a more likely conclusion – most New Yorkers ignored the billboard all together like they do most static medium. So, at the end of the day, the intended humor at the expense of our fantastic city was wasted just like the money spent on this billboard.

What do you think Des Moines? Do you like your closets?

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