Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Mais oui, bien sur!

Many of you may know “W.E. Moranville” as the former Register Datebook Dinner writer. I first came to know her as Wini Moranville, author of the fabulous cookbook The Bonne Femme Cookbook: Simple, Splendid Food that French Women Cook Everyday.

I have tried and improvised a few of the recipes at home, and just plain enjoy reading the cookbook. But when I found out that Wini was teaming up with French-born chef/co-owner of Baru 66, David Baruthio, to offer his restaurant’s take on her recipes, I was hanging up the apron and heading for the door.

Every Wednesday this month, Wini and David are presenting “Bonne Femme Night at Baru 66” featuring a prix-fixe menu of three courses with varying options. Each menu is from Wini’s cookbook, and changes week to week. We finally had our chance to go this past Wednesday. This was definitely an evening out to call-in the babysitter.

One of the unique features of the event was a “community table” where you could sit at a larger table with fellow diners instead of at your own private table. And where else but in Iowa would this be a better concept, given the world famous welcoming nature of Midwesterners.

We opted for the community table, and enjoyed not only a delicious meal, but also great conversation. And because the group table had a set seating time (one per evening) it was an opportunity to slow down a bit, and really savor the moment without feeling rushed. It was also fun as Wini and David stopped by the table several times to chat with everyone. I decided against using my rusty French-Canadian with David.

As the evening came to close (me not wanting it to end, like when you get to the last few pages of a fantastic book) and we walked back to the car, I thought a couple of things: another amazing night out in Des Moines, and a good thing we’re not walking distance to Baru 66 because I may end up there weekly.

If you’re interested in trying to get in for the last Bonne Femme Night at Baru 66 (this week!) please do give them a call.