Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Jaw Harp Potential – My Boyfriend, Your Cat EP

I dunno, sometimes I just like to have something to smile about. I am an awfully pessimistic person sometimes and a lot of times that negativity just takes over and I sit around in a funk that I can’t snap myself out of. I mean, it can last days, weeks, sometimes months. I just let all the bad things get to me and it just pushes me down, and I just stay there. But every once in a while I am stuck in this gross little cloud, I poke my head out like a prairie dog and look around at a world that seems to be a little sunnier and happier than the rest. I didn’t realize it, but Jaw Harp Potential’s My Boyfriend, Your Cat is the soundtrack for when I want to escape my blahs.

I’m not going to pretend for a second that this is some sort of life changing five songs that everyone must hear right now. It isn’t some sort of musical masterpiece that will ring through the halls and be forever remembered in the annals of time. But what it is, though, is five songs that make me just grin a silly little grin and remind myself that life is pretty okay sometimes. There seems to be a lot of joy in these songs and a lot of youthful exuberance that just seeps in and won�?t let me be sad.

While I like how happy it makes me feel, there is something there just under the sugary surface. It is an EP version of a chocolate covered cherry. Candy coated, but with a bit more underneath.  There is a bit of a structure shift in the songs that you don’t hear from anyone else.  It is just so unique, that maybe this EP is a bit of a game changer. Like, if this catches on, there might just be more people using non-traditional pop instrumentals as the overriding sound. These are three talented young ladies who know how to craft a song and play their instruments, but they have a certain quirkiness about them that you don’t hear from other artists.

Their uniqueness comes not just from what they choose to sing about, but also from the instruments they choose to play. They use the harp and tiny piano, the ukulele and the accordion. There really isn’t a guitar or drum or bass to be found, so it is a nice change of pace from the norm.

Now, like I said, there is a lot of potential to their sound, but I’m sure there will be a lot of people who aren’t drawn to this right away. It is pretty skewed away from contemporary. However, I should note that the track “Amuse Me” is actually really good, and I think a good indicator of what we can expect from Jaw Harp Potential in the future.

So here is the deal. Listen to the EP, let it make you happy. Don’t fight it. Don’t judge it. Don’t over think it. Just enjoy it.


Try Not To Miss Shows – 8/16 – 8/22

Sorry y’all for being away for so long. No excuses, just apologies for not being around to plug the live shows that I missed.

For those headed to the fair, there are tons of awesome local acts to check out, so please do. Craft Beer Tent, Bud Tent and more all tend to have lots of local options at all hours of the day. There is almost too much to list, so if you head that way, maybe take a moment and enjoy some music.

Seed of Something w/ Ramona and the Swimsuits and Pure GUT – Vaudeville Mews Friday, 8/16 630pm (All Ages)

This is the last show for a while from local rock band Seed of Something, so catch them while you can. Also, Ramona and the Swimsuits also fit’s the makes me happy distinction pretty well, too.

Doctor Murdock w/ Madam Jules – House of Bricks Sunday, 8/18 930pm

Late Sunday shows are tough, but these are two great acts, so give it a shot. You’ll sleep when you’re dead.