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Des Moines Social Club: May 10th is THE Grand Opening

When does the Firehouse open?

When can we get inside?

Some people have already had their sneak peaks through various events that have been taking place since the Des Moines Social Club held its annual New Year’s Bash. Programming has started in the space and the Viaduct Gallery held its own opening.

FirehouseNow it’s time to unveil the space as a whole.  From the Headquarters, to the classrooms, to Malo Restaurant, to the future bar under the Kum & Go Theater and many more areas that will make up DMSC’s new home.  While taking various friends and donors through the space, I’ve been amazed how each person finds their own intriguing element.

The grand opening party is free to attend and we invite anyone who supports or wants to learn more about our mission of using the arts to promote a higher level of community engagement.  In case you missed it, there also happens to be a very well known keynote speaker that night.  David Byrne, (yes, of the Talking Heads!), has stepped up to lead the night’s discussion with his own take on the evolution of art within our city’s culture.

Beyond music, Byrne is someone who has been involved with collaborating art and culture throughout several projects.  I remember catching an interview a few years ago where he discussed designing new bike racks in NYC that could serve as public art.  He was also involved with some of the startup cultural movements in Rochester, NY, while I was living there after college.  To hear that he’s ready to recognize our own project at DMSC puts even more emphasis on the accomplishment.

The grand opening itself does not mark the end of the road.  There’s much more to accomplish for DMSC, this is just a start from a brand new home.  As a board member of the organization, I thank everyone who has been a part of this experience and look forward to raising a toast with you on May 10th.

What: Des Moines Social Club’s Grand Opening Party

Where: The Firehouse, 900 Mulberry St., Des Moines, IA

Date & Time: Saturday, May 10th from 5-9pm

Cost: Free

Who else is going? Find out here.

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