Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Fluxx Mobile Gallery debuts this Friday

I have always been interested in ways to make art more accessible to everyone. The steep admission prices of some museums and travel to get to and from galleries can make viewing contemporary art difficult. Jordan Weber’s new Fluxx mobile gallery (which will debut on Friday evening at The Des Moines Social Club) is genius as it brings the exhibition to you. Fluxx mobile gallery is a gallery on wheels, specifically in the back of a large moving truck, which will travel all over Des Moines and beyond.

1 (2)Fluxx mobile gallery will start with a sculptural installation by Edward Kelley and a new exhibition will be shown every six weeks. It’s great to see a local artist taking the initiative to not only make work more accessible to everyone but also to think outside the “white box”. It’s always fun to see art shows in spaces that aren’t the traditional gallery or museum setting that we’re all accustomed to. I look forward to seeing what the mobile gallery will show in the future, and it will be fun to keep an eye out for it around town this summer. If you’re not able to make it to The Des Moines Social Club on Friday night make sure to look out for Fluxx mobile gallery around town and check to find out where the gallery will be next.


Friday April 18th 6pm

Fluxx mobile gallery debuts @ Des Moines Social Club with a Sculptural Installation by Edward Kelley 

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