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Domestica Turns 4

Domestica, one of my favorite stores in the East Village, is celebrating its fourth birthday on Friday night. To celebrate they’re having a party from 5-8pm which will have a DJ, drinks, and snacks. Domestica will also present Paper Jam Press’ new hand letter pressed rap inspired prints on Friday night.

logoChrissy Jensen opened Domestica on East Walnut Street in 2010. Jensen is a former photo and film stylist which really shows when you visit her store as it always looks beautiful and everything is displayed with care. Domestica sells handmade prints, calendars, glasses, cards, jewelry, and so much more. Domestica’s entire inventory is cottage industry or handmade and it all has a modern cheerful quality to it. If all of your favorite Etsy vendors got together and opened a store it would probably look something like Domestica. It’s one of those places that you walk into and literally want to buy everything off of their shelves-Jensen has great taste and only stocks her store with the best. Be sure to check out their online shop to get a sense of what you’ll find in the store. Domestica is also known for its beautiful prints so definitely visit their online print store too. If you’ve never been to Domestica Friday night will be a great opportunity to check it out for the first time. If you have been come out and have a drink to celebrate their anniversary. It’s stores like Domestica that make the East Village and Des Moines such a wonderful place to live and shop.

domestica (1)

Domestica Turns 4

Friday April 25th


321 East Walnut Street

Des Moines, IA 50309

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