Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Get Out For Game Night

My good friend, Jason, used to get a group of people together once a week for game night at High Life Lounge and play UNO. I only went once or twice – something I regret at times. Jason was a guy who impacted a lot of lives. He sadly passed away in October 2010. His memory lives on and inspires many people in the city.

game-nightThe point is simple – we are all busy, we all have our own lives, but getting together with people should be on your priority list, even if it’s only once in a while. Being social soothes the soul. So is letting your hair down, so to speak, and having a good time. Life is short. Enjoy it.

It’s easy. Ask some friends to join your game night. Decide on a location, a day and a time. Invite anyone and everyone. Ask your friends to invite their friends. If you’re going to play cards or poker, you can have a weekly or bi-weekly tournament style game night. Having an event like this at a bar or coffee shop allows you to save a little by not playing host. When game night is over, there is no rush to get everyone to leave. People can come and go as they like.

If you do decide to host at your apartment or house, ask friends to bring a snack to share. There’s nothing more fun than getting a group of people together to unwind and have fun. Game night doesn’t have to be anything crazy or super organized. Tell your friends to bring their favorite game and their spouse or significant other.

Once the cold weather goes away, most people are looking for any and every excuse to get outside, go somewhere or do anything other than look at the snow and the falling temperatures.

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