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Des Moines – Created App Keeps Track of All You Bawte

As I have previously mentioned, after a nearly 10 year gap, I am once again having another child. As I am sure you know, children are very expensive and I am faced with the reality of having to buy (or ideally borrow) every single thing a baby requires yet again.  Stroller, crib, car seat, high chair…you name it, we need it.  Our credit cards are certainly going to get a workout in the coming months!

Bawte (1)In addition to the products we will purchase specifically for the baby, we also have another significant purchase ahead of us…a new house.  Our 3 bedroom home that fit the 4 of us pretty well is just not big enough to accommodate a 5th person (even though she will be pretty tiny).  So the last two months of my life have been consumed with buying and selling a home.

In the midst of all this house hunting, I have also been de-cluttering, packing, and organizing everything I already own.  Last week, I spent some time face-first in my filing cabinet, cleaning out the three file folders STUFFED with owner’s manuals, warranty registration forms (never submitted) and assembly instructions for everything I have owned since living in this house.  I decided to pull out all the paperwork associated with the items that were staying in my old house with the new owners.  As you can see from the attached photo….this amounts to a lot of paper!  I am glad to be rid of it, but I realize the next round of paperwork awaits me upon moving into my new house.

So I have decided to take full advantage of a new app that was developed right here in Des Moines, Iowa, to deal with the inevitable mound of paperwork that buying stuff creates.  Bawte (pronounced ‘bought’) is a phone app, conceived by local entrepreneur, John Jackovin (full disclosure…he is my brother,) that allows consumers to quickly tag, track and catalog all their important purchases.  With a single scan of the product’s UPC bar code with my smartphone, I can record what I bawte, when I bawte it, and how much it cost.  And the application also connects me to instruction manuals, user guides, warranty information, and product videos.  It can even tell me when my warranty expires or if one of my products is recalled.

And behind the technology is a support team that can help me if and when something goes wrong with one of my purchases.  Rather than searching a file cabinet, or performing fruitless searches on the internet, I can quickly grab my phone, access my product information, AND contact a member of the Bawte support team.    That support team member can then access the information I need to resolve whatever sort of issue I am having.  Bawte goes beyond the basic phone app by integrating the often forgotten customer service element as well.

And once all the manuals and warranty documents and instruction guides are safely stored in Bawte, I plan to take advantage of my green recycling bin and recycle all that paperwork, opening up room in about half a drawer of my filing cabinet.  Bawte allows me to save space, time, and energy…all of which I am constantly in need of!

Bawte re-launched a re-designed version of the app just last week and the buzz Bawte has received in response has been overwhelming.  Tech Crunch, Welch Avenue, Inside Mobile Apps, Silicon Prairie News, and even our very own Des Moines Register wrote pieces on the re-launch.  Clearly, the nationwide exposure this locally-designed app is getting is further proof that Des Moines’ blossoming technology scene is definitely not boring.  If you want more information on the technology and the service that Bawte offers, I suggest you check out one (or more) of these articles.

Having another baby is definitely destined to change my life.  New house, new stuff and a new member of the family.  Thankfully there is a new app that will help me manage everything …except maybe the baby!

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