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Marching Toward Spring

I have a confession to make…I have practically been a hermit this winter.  Despite my continual suggestions to get out and do something to beat these winter blues, I have spent the majority of January and February holed up in house, crowded around the fireplace or the space heater.  Now to be fair, this winter has been especially miserable, I am pregnant, and we are in the process of moving…so the cards have been stacked against me having much fun this winter.  I have managed to work out on a fairly regular basis, so I am grateful for that.  But many of my other suggestions have gone unfollowed this year.  No live sporting events, no registrations for rides/races, and zero trips to our fabulous local breweries.

march-2014-calendarAs the first meager signs of spring made themselves felt last week, I came to the realization that with March, I had to start making an effort to get out and DO SOMETHING again.  I have been so disconnected from fun lately, I wasn’t even sure what there was to do.  With one quick search of Catch Des Moines event calendar, I was quickly caught up!

Before we even hit March, the Lunch Unplugged series starts up again on February 27th.  Lunch Unplugged is a concert series held at the Des Moines Temple for the Performing Arts over the noon hour.  For only $5, attendees get to enjoy some fabulous local entertainment and have the option of purchasing lunch from a local vendor.  Held on select Thursdays through April 17th, this is your opportunity to relax and unwind over lunch.  Special shout out to Roxi Copland who will be performing on March 6th! She is a favorite after seeing her two years in a row at the Tapas and Tunes for JDRF event.

I won’t be able to go, but I would LOVE to attend Des Moines’ Second Annual Adult Prom to benefit Animal Lifeline on March 7th.  For only $30, adults get to relive (and probably improve upon) their proms.  Prom court will be crowned, a live band will perform, attendees can get their prom photos taken and, of course, everyone will get the chance to dance.  In accordance with the theme for this year’s event (Movie Madness) you can dress as your favorite movie icon or wear red carpet attire.  The event will be held at Hotel Fort Des Moines and doors open at 7:30 pm.

Living History Farms hosts their Cabin Fever series yet again this year.  January and February’s events have passed us by, but March 8th and April 12th still offer opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy some great local foods and beverages.  On March 8th, brewers from select Iowa Craft Breweries will be handing out samples of their best beers at Beer n’ Bread.  As the name suggests, artisan bread samples will also be available.  This one is killing me to miss!  But luckily for me, April’s focus is on one of my favorite foods on the planet: Grilled Cheese!  At the Grilled Cheese Fest on April 12th, local chefs and some amateurs will compete for the crown of the Big Cheese.  Attendees get to sample the creations and vote.  Yum!

Coming March 9th is the second annual Thrilla in the Skillet.  This event is a latke cook-off where attendees get to taste a variety of latkes and vote on their favorite for the “Tasters Choice Award”.  There is also a silent auction and an Iron Chef-like battle to win the Golden Spatula.  A latke is essentially a potato pancake (another favorite).  Proceeds will benefit the DMARC Food Pantry and this year’s event will be held at Tacopocalypse.  Kids 5-12 are welcome at reduced ticket prices.

If you are in the mood for spring (and who isn’t), then the Iowa Flower, Lawn and Garden Show will definitely heighten your excitement!  There will be over 300 booths for attendees to visit and get ideas for ways to spruce up your outdoor spaces.  The event runs March 14-16 and is being held at the Varied Industries Building at the Fairgrounds.

And finally, to round out a fabulous March, the fourth annual Child Serve Bubble Ball is being held once again at Capitol Square in downtown Des Moines.  This gala event features bubble wrap fashions made by local designers.  The event is movie-themed and will include cocktails and dinner in advance of the bubble wrap runway show.  Proceeds from the evening benefit Child Serve, which works with children with special health care needs and their families.  Just looking at the pictures from the previous three balls, this looks like an event you have to get to at least once in your life!

So I hope I have given you ample options for getting out of the house, trying something new, and potentially even contributing to a great cause.   I know I have finally started my planning, which is definitely a step in the right direction!

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