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Beer ‘n’ Bread at Living History Farms

A few months ago, I let you know about the Cabin Fever Series at Living History Farms, starting with Farms Uncorked in January and Spirits and Sweets in February.  There’s still time for you to attend the remaining events with Beer’ n’ Bread March 8th and Grilled Cheese Fest April 12th, although the Grilled Cheese Fest tickets are almost sold out.  Here’s a little history on the series events.

Beer 'n' BreadThe Cabin Fever winter events were established in 2005 to present events attractive to the young professional crowd during the off-season at Living History Farms.  The focus of the events has always been to highlight local business and talent in keeping with Living History Farms’ mission to educate, entertain, and connect people to Midwestern rural life experiences.  The first few season comprised a mix of musical concerts, dances, and storytelling performances.  Guilty Pleasures was a unique women’s night out event featuring Iowa wines, chocolates, and boutique shopping experiences.

Beer ‘n’ Bread began in 2008, and has since tripled in size due to its status as a guaranteed sell-out crowd.  Beginning in 2012, the focus of the Cabin Fever Series shifted to showcasing Iowa’s burgeoning food and beverage industries.  Beer ‘n’ Bread features Iowa craft brews from across the state and the people who create them.  It explores the art of home-brewing with local experts and offers samples of fresh artisan breads.   Farms Uncorked features native Iowa wines and Spirits and Sweets highlights Iowa’s growing distilled alcohol industry.  2014 is the first year for Grilled Cheese Fest and is also the first event of its kind in Iowa!

I love the events.  It’s a chance to get out of the house and interact with other people who are also interested in Iowa’s food and drink industries.  Most vendors also have their wares available for sale in the gift shop.  I’ll see you at Living History Farms!

March 8, 3-6pm – Beer ‘n’ Bread

April 12, 3-6pm – Grilled Cheese Fest

Buy tickets at

$20/person or $16/LHF member