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Polar Vortex? I’ll Take It.

It’s not that we like the polar vortex or the cold, it’s that some of us don’t mind it.  You know those days this week when it dropped below zero, like really far below zero?  They actually didn’t seem that bad.

3156536353_6f026a8068_n1As the Midwest’s weather was broadcast nationally, I noticed snickering remarks directed at us from out of state with the overstated question “How do you like your four seasons now?!”.  While the remarks came from people who obviously take pride for living in warmer places during the polar vortex, they seemed to be off target.  The fact is, I REALLY like my four seasons.

During these past few weeks, my family had a White Christmas, I got to go hunting in the snow (it was awesome) and some neighbors transformed the pond at the end of my street into a legitimate ice hockey rink.  When the -40 wind chill came in on Monday, I didn’t think it was as bad as I imagined.  That doesn’t mean it was nice, it just never phased me to think I would have to give up living in this state for these few weeks of the year when it gets really damn cold.

Although there are always people around town at this time of year saying they can’t wait to move to Florida, they never do.  They are usually the same people who keep stating a long list of other things they keep meaning to do year after year.  My favorite part about this week was how it didn’t phase the majority of people I was with.  Forget the outside temps, I had some of my best business meetings this week and they were not interrupted by complaining about weather.

When it comes to the cold and the snow, we can take it.  It just molds new experiences while toughing it out and interacting with those around us.





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