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A Few Food Trends for 2014

Wave goodbye to kale and eating like a caveman. Ring in January with some new additions to your plate.

Trendy Veggie-

trendy-veggieCauliflower- While nothing about this vegetable screams ‘trendy,’ I’ve seen the cauliflower rise from crudité platters to the main course. Whether in pizza crusts on Pinterest or masquerading as mashed potatoes, cauliflower has slowly been taking back the table. Want cauliflower as a main course? Try a cauliflower steak.


Ice cream sandwiches- Maybe I’ve just been blinded by my love for Thelma’s, but this year I think ice cream sandwiches are poised to overtake cupcakes and doughnuts as the reigning dessert. It combines the trend of ‘combo’ desserts and our love of ice cream.


Heritage grains- Now that everyone can pronounce quinoa, other alternative grains will come into play including millet, farro and amaranth. To incorporate into your repertoire, use them to replace traditional grains, as the base of healthy side-dishes or as a breakfast cereal alternative.


Tea- Starbucks bet $620 million on tea after purchasing Teavana and opening it’s first tea bar last fall. In 2014, all types of tea will trend: hot teas, ready to drink varieties and tea flavorings in food. If you’re hot on the tea trend, visit Des Moines’ local shop Gong Fu Tea.


Midwestern – Des Moines citizens don’t worry about learning trendy dietary restrictions this year. Apparently we’re already eating the top diet of 2014. The Food channel named “Midwestern food movement” aka farm-to-table type of eating the #1 tend of 2014. Goodbye Paleo, hello Midwestern. Good work Midwest, setting the culinary agenda for 2014.

What other types of food trends are you seeing/hoping for this year?

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