Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

King of the Tramps – Wicked Mountain

I spent a five day weekend in Austin, TX. Now, I went for a large music festival, so there may have been a different vibe than normal, but I think I got the gist of the town. Austin prides itself on being weird, but in all reality, it seemed the way cities should be. There were food in trucks and a pedi-cab army taking people around town. There were cool shops and restaurants and music venues all over the place. There was this big city vibe, but a gentle country swagger to the place. It was equal parts college town, hipster paradise and Texas stereotype. I liked Austin.

King of the TrampsKing of the Tramps seem like they would fit in well with the denizens of Austin. They have a laid back vibe that keeps the “weird” stereotype. They have a blues/country sound that would fit in well in the random venues scattered around town. Plus, they are good, and it doesn’t seem like Austin takes too kindly to crap.

Luckily for us, King of the Tramps are a Des Moines band, so you don’t have to take the fourteen hour plus car ride to enjoy them. Heck, with their album, Wicked Mountain, available online, you don’t even have to leave your house.

Wicked Mountain is a nice country, Southern rock, blues album that covers a lot of ground musically. Each song tells a story and each track seems to find its soul throughout. Songs like “Death’s Door” and “Leaves of Grass” are classic rock noisy while “Music In Your Soul” uses its organ skillfully.

What’s great about Des Moines, and bands like King of the Tramps, is that there is no stereotype to Des Moines. You can find people making music of all genres and of all styles. If having a thriving art scene makes you “weird” than maybe we need to keep Des Moines Weird.

Try Not To Miss Shows – 10/10 – 10/16

The Envy Corps w/ MAIDS and Oquoa – Wooly’s 10/11 7pm

The Envy Corps might be nearing legendary status in this state, and they seem to only play a few shows each year now. So, get there.

ShowYouSuck w/ Gadema and Daggers, Aeon Grey and Caliko – Vaudeville Mews 10/11 10pm

Incredible hip-hop. Yes, there is a reason I plus pretty much every Aeon Grey or Gadema and Daggers show, so you should know by now.

Taught Abroad w/ Pink Kodiak, KSRA, and Spacecamp – Vaudeville Mews 10/12 10pm

Wanna see weird? This could be weird. But also beautiful and stunning and near-perfect

The Brave Youth w/Holy White Hounds – Gas Lamp 10/12 8pm

Holy White Hounds are some of the best this town has. Plus, they have a new album that I’m sure they will be playing songs from.