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I’m Dreaming Big, Will You Help me Grow Here?

Never tell a determined woman she can’t do something because 9 times out of 10, she will prove you wrong. Too many times in my life others have told me I can’t, I shouldn’t, or I won’t. It doesn’t matter what I am doing whether it was when I had a Social Media business , a web business or even when I was a Family Historian. Sometimes, it takes a few tries at things to see where your niche is and what really drives your passion through the roof. Though some may not see the progression, I see all of those things as stepping stones that helped me to evolve to this point in my life.

Dream Big, Grow Here The most recent turn down was when I applied for Omaha Fashion Week and they said no, claiming my Aprons would not translate on the runway.  I begged to differ, because my aprons are like dresses and suits and art and not like your average apron. They are not like any other apron I have yet to see compared to what I offer.

That was back earlier this year. Since then, I have gone to New York City twice, talked to designers and shops out there, been on a few webcasts, a radio show, a TV Show, and featured in a few magazines and papers across town.  As well , in a few weeks I am putting on my OWN  Fashion Show, to show Des Moines and others, my Aprons DO translate on the runway and will translate better than anyone could imagine! I am hoping of course, the fashion show I am putting on (Not so Shameless plug for you to buy tickets here at TIKLY) will produce positive results for my business, my name and my brand.

I have a dream

To me, Aprons and Accessories are not a hobby, they are my life. Fashion is not a choice for me, it is my lifestyle. Aprons are a Fashion Accessory that should be worn! Not only do I believe that will all my heart, but I want to spread that message and see my Aprons and Accessories in stores nationwide, then Worldwide! But I need a bigger team to do that and with your help, I can!

I have been approved as a contestant for Dream Big Grow Here and need your help! Please vote for Fabulous by voting for me, Trisha Trixie, Vintage Fashionista, Designer and Blogger to help to get to the top four so I can pitch my dream and win the $5,000 I need to further this business to the next level. Having this money will help me in many ways.

Winning a grant from the “Dream Big, Grow Here” contest would help me hire a dedicated team to produce more aprons to fulfill larger orders from retailers, market my business by getting guest spots on TV shows, and get my aprons into more stores.


The top four online vote getters (via FACEBOOK votes) along with an additional wildcard selection from our regional contest host will then go on to pitch for the $5,000 prize. The winner of the regional contest will automatically become eligible for the $10,000 grand prize at the pitch off at EntreFest! 2014. (If you don’t have a Facebook Account, you can create one at Facebook, then vote)

So please, will you help me reach my dream, by reaching the goal of being one of those four top vote getters so I can grow here? If so, cast your vote and let the games begin!!!




Until  Next Time … XoXo~TrishaTrixie


Remember: Tickets for the show are available on the blog! There are only 25 VIP Seats available so get em while they are hot!

 “Trisha Trixie” Hunter is a Fashion Designer & Blogger for Trisha Trixie Designs-Life in a Retro State of Mind as well as for Des Moines is Not Boring & Vintage Inspired Model – Trisha Trixie The Vintage Fashionista

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I also would love to visit your store or event no matter where you are. East Village, Beaverdale, West Des Moines, you name it. Des Moines has an abundance of places to shop and events to entertain. If you want me to come to your event or shop let me know. I love to shop and I love to get out and about and see what others are doing and wearing. Fashionistas do more than just talk shop, we like to live it as well!