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New York State of Mind

New York Fashion Week is only THREE weeks away. To say I am excited is an understatement. I have already realized my mind is constantly thinking about Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week (#NYFW, #MBFW) , the places I want to go, the things I want to see, where I want to take my man since it is his FIRST time in NYC and the tours and designers I want and hope to see. My mind is single-mindedly focused and thus I do believe I have a New York State of Mind from now until I arrive back. I will be gone from September 5th, 6th, 7th and back on the 8th. I won a stay at the W Hotels Union Square for the amount of our stay and we already have our flight tickets. Prep time for the basics is over. Now it’s time to start thinking and planning for all the rest of the trip!

nyfwPlanning and prepping for a trip such as this is unique for me and quite different from all the other times (I have been three times already and this will be my fourth). It is different in the sense that this time I am trying and vying to get into New York Fashion Week shows, meet with designers, and do interview for this wonderful blog Des Moines is Not Boring.  All of which is proving to be a great feat in and of itself , I am finding out.

I have already applied for a press pass and now am in the waiting game. I have emailed a few designers in hopes to meet with them. I have talked with Parsons School of Design where Project Runway school is located and am 90% sure I will be able to take a tour as I have heard back from them already. I have applied to go to the Project runway Fashion Show, though like all the rest am on the waiting list. I have also requested to meet with a few local designers I met in February when I was there for NYFW and Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference.

I do have a few things on my list of NEW things I would like to try out in the time I am there like the Maker Bot and if I am unable to get into the MBFW shows we might attend the Couture Fashion Week Shows which I hear are a little easier to get into.

If you have been to New York, used to live in New York or have your favorite places and spaces let me know and I will add it to my list of possibilities. If you just happen to know any designers that might be willing to be interviewed and allow me to tour their establishment or school, I would love the opportunity! I Googled things to do in NYC and I also sent it to my man. I know there are the “usual” but we love to go to those places that are “off the beaten path” and the hideaways others have to tell you about. I would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and suggestions!

Stay tuned for my next post when I will give you some hints, tips, links and ways you can be a part of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week while still in Iowa! J

Until  Next Time … XoXo~TrishaTrixie

Remember: Tickets for the show are available on the blog! There are only 25 VIP Seats available so get em while they are hot! J

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