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One more time: 80/35 was Awesome

David Byrne and St. Vincent - Greek Theater Lo...

David Byrne and St. Vincent are welcome back anytime.

With all the hype for year six of 80/35, it’s only proper to provide a follow-up and simple Thank You to everyone who produced, supported and were a part of making the locally produced music festival another success.

For all of us who were there year one, anticipation was immediately put into place to watch the festival keep coming back from that point on.  It may have been Wayne Coyne’s (frontman of The Flaming Lips) reference to envisioning the festival in year 5 as he looked out at the Des Moines crowd, that positioned it as a benchmark in a lot of people’s minds.  Last year, as 80/35 passed year 5 with more success, it had pretty much proven it’s reliability as a staple in our region’s cultural scene.

Last week, it was a comfortable feeling watching the festival get set up in its usual digs around Locust Street.  It marked another year of accomplishment for our good friends at the Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC), who put the effort in year round to ensure their mission is achieved of building a stronger music community.  It also brought more people in from out of town who came in giving Des Moines high fives.

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