Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Drake Homes: Beautiful Living

Living in Des Moines is a treat.  We enjoy a variety of entertainment options, a progressive job market, and enough room to build the home of your dreams.  In fact, since I took on a new role here at Drake Homes, it’s been interesting to learn more what people want most when we talk about new home construction in Des Moines.

Drake Homes Along with obvious factors like great home design and overall affordability, energy efficiency seems to be what most people want.  This article has the full list of everything people said they want and don’t want.  Beyond what people want in new house floor plans in Des Moines and the fact that the Des Moines housing market is ultra hot right now, here’s what we find people love so much about living in Des Moines.

  • Low Cost of Living
  • Low Unemployment
  • Friendly Neighborhoods
  • Family Entertainment
  • Centralized Location
  • Outstanding Schools
  • No Traffic

Naturally, everyone enjoys living in Des Moines for different reasons, but as a Des Moines home builder, we have enjoyed watching people come in with great ideas, then helping them make their home building dreams come true.  Cheers to this community, for making life in Des Moines so wonderful!

By:  Ben McDougal, Marketing Director at Drake Homes.

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