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Blonde Moments: Legally Blonde

Last night I had the grand pleasure of seeing the final dress rehearsal with Standing Ovation for Legally Blonde at The Des Moines Playhouse directed by Ron Zieglar.

Legally Blonde The MusicalAll Arts involved in publishing their events with Standing Ovation and Advertisers were invited to attend. I will be one of the advertisers this year and as part of that group, was able to attend last nights show.

The meet and greet for the advertisers was a fun little mixer with appetizers and chocolates from STAM etc and I felt quite honored to be there and hear the lineup of all the amazing shows, plays, dances etc that will be happening in the coming art year which runs from July of each year to the following August of the next year.

If you think there is nothing to do here in Des Moines or you feel it is BORING, just you wait Mr. Higgins because there is a LOT coming up and so many FABULOUS things to do and see that I was on the edge of my seat just hearing about them. Bonus to that is there are events on top of that outside of these that go one too and other plays and dances that don’t publish with Standing Ovation. If you are interested in being published with them, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Being this is my first year advertising with them, I can’t say just yet how sales will differ for me, but I can say that I wanted to advertise here because I do realize the potential it brings.

But on with the show, as they say (not sure who THEY are but people say that…

1044714_10151539526382012_104035640_nThe first thing that made me smile was the announcement that this theater LETS you take pictures here! “The first ten minutes are yours, talk about the Playhouse and tell everyone that we let you take pictures”, the announcer said. Well, you bet your bottom dollar I snapped a few pics and posted!

The set caught my eye immediately and my friend, fellow seamstress and owner of Pepper’s Potty Pants and former Playhouse alum joked to me, “You gonna want those curtains when they are done?” and I touted “Yes and more!!”

As the show started I sat right up and smiled with happiness. I had seen the show in NYC and was anxious to see how the Des Moines Playhouse performed this FABULOUS show1 I was NOT let down in any way. The cast was phenomenal, the set was amazing, and of course, the songs were great, but even better were the actors and actresses who played the parts and sang those songs. I am always amazed at the TALENT we have here in Des Moines.  Let me tell you, I truly believe ANY one of those people could go on to Broadway if they desired!

The cast who got the most attention? Nope, not Elle or Warner…Bruiser and Rufus! As soon as the dogs came out, the audience went crazy. It was very endearing and cute to see and hear how the crowd showed their love for the animals in the show as well as the cast and how well they took care of them on stage and their connection.

My favorite? Well, I had two. The actor who played Emmet, Charlie Reese and the actress who played Margot, Helen Becker were my top two.  Taylor Miller, who I believe was the Cheerleader was my running third.

If you want a great show to see, a fun cast, an AMAZING set, and a fabulously run show, go see Legally Blonde The Musical at The Des Moines Playhouse. While you are there get tickets for some of the other fabulous shows  and get ready for a FABULOUS upcoming art year!

Until  Next Time … XoXo~TrishaTrixie

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