Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

YPC Sets the Stage for Non-Profits at 80-35

It’s not that we are too excited for next weekend to focus on the Des Moines Arts Festival today, but…oh, who are we kidding, we’re super excited for 80-35 Music Festival next weekend!

Do More Village This is one more opportunity introduced each year for the Non-profits who are getting noticed at 80-35.  For a festival that’s pulling 20-30,000 people through downtown, it makes sense that many of Des Moines’ most active organizations want to place themselves in the middle of the action and interact .  During the 2 days of 80-35 each year, they get to do that through the Young Professionals Connection‘s Do More Village.

Anyone who has worked, volunteered or supported Non-profits will know that funding large marketing projects can be a stretch.  For that reason, the Des Moines Partnership and the Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC) have backed YPC in offering these booth spaces for $100.  It’s been the perfect opportunity throughout 80/35’s 6 years for many of these organizations, for that reason we keep getting many of the groups returning each year.

Between 3 stages and a stretch of activity down Locust street, expect to see it back again this year.  For Non-profits seeking a last minute chance to sign-up, check here for additional information or email Kyle (

The 2013 festival is July 5th & 6th.  The ‘Do More Village’ will be active starting at 4pm next Friday, plan to stop by and learn more on these organizations:

Bidwell Riverside
Iowa Homeless Youth Centers
Liberty Iowa
Art Noir
Metro Arts Alliance
Iowa Youth Rugby
Luther Care Services
The ONE Campaign
LifeServe Blood Center
Great March for Climate Action
Des Moines Social Club
Be sure to stop through the Village in between shows during 80-35 to see some of the great organizations that call Des Moines home.