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Vanity and Glamour: Who loves Patrick? We do! We do!

Everywhere I go I seem to run into to someone who knows about Mr. Patrick Boltinghouse and his quaint little shop Vanity and Glamour.

Vanity and Glamour

I can be in West Des Moines, East Des Moines, Sherman Hill, Windsor Heights, It seem like no matter where I go, I make one little mention and tada someone says “I love Patrick!”

He has done makeup in his quaint little shop for everyone to politicians to stars to models to moms!

I met him a few years back when I was a model doing a fashion show on the East Side and we have been friends ever since! I love stopping by and saying hi! I love to hear  how well he is doing! I love to see others wearing makeup from his store or eyelashes that this fab man has turned them onto.

I know Burlesque Dancers who swear by his products and I can swear by his love and loyalty!

If you are looking for a makeup man, this is your guy. If you are looking for makup, he’s the guy to go to. He has it all and sells it all. If he doesn’t he seems to know where to go to get it!

Check out the pictures , check out his FB page Vanity & Glamour

But most of all, go to his store and visit him, make an appoint and check it out for yourself!!

Vanity and Glamour

Until  Next Time … XoXo~TrishaTrixie

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