Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Who cares about the weather?

WeatherI do. That’s right. I love talking about the weather. I check the weather constantly on my computer and on my phone. When I’m listening to the radio and the DJ says that a weather update is coming up in 5 minutes I smile. I think I may have inherited this obsession with the weather from my grandmother as she always has her television tuned to the weather channel. One thing that I have noticed since moving to Des Moines is that most people here seem to enjoy talking about the weather too. I regularly have lengthy chats with strangers about the temperature or how dry last summer was and it seems like they’re genuinely interested in having this conversation with me.

Now I know that you Iowans have mastered the art of small talk and you might just be humoring me but I get the feeling that you enjoy chatting about the weather too. I feel like I’ve finally found my home, like I’ve finally found a place where people understand me. Last week was especially exciting as the temperature dropped from 84° to 34° in 48 hours and it started snowing on the second day of May. The crazy weather was just thrilling and yes almost everyone I encountered wanted to talk about how bizarre it was. I appreciate that most Iowans seem to understand and even embrace my preoccupation with the weather. In Iowa weather patterns vary so much from day to day – there’s never a dull moment. Let’s commiserate about the shared experience of what happens under the sky.

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