Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Pucker from the Picker for the Birthday Girl

To use the phrase that was said from the Hy-Vee blogger, I was a lucky recipient of not only getting to meet Mike Wolfe from American Pickers, but when I told him it was my birthday he signed a SPECIAL autograph for me wishing me happy birthday and then gave me a pucker on my cheek!

I nearly swooned!

I saw my pal Eric Wildman, who works for Iowa-Des Moines Supply and is a pal o mine and posted a pic of him and Mike on Facebook. As soon as I saw it, I squealed and stated how much I would love to see him and meet him. Eric told me to look him up and see where else he was going to be. KCCI had locations and times and I had two more chances. One at Fareway in Ankeny and one at Hy-Vee on Douglas Avenue.

It was 1:40 so I hightailed it to Fareway, but was so far back in the line when the gal came out and cut the line stating he would most likely not get to the rest of the people and we could wait to go to the other store, I stood there for a moment thinking about which would be better and decided I would be better off going to Hy-Vee as I had more time to wait in line!

American Pickers

Mike and Trisha

I walked in to the Hy-Vee eager and anxious worried the line there would also be long. When I found where they would be I was excited to find out I would be the FIRST in line! I brought a couple of old tear sheets from magazines in frames and a couple of mirrors I thought they might be able to do something with as well as an Apron from my Trisha Trixie Design collection for Mike’s wife and some accessories I also make for Franks’ girlfriend! I figured, people rarely forget the women who support these fine men and wanted to do something for them as well!

As soon as he came in, everyone cheered and he walked right up to me and started chatting with me. He asked what I had and I told him. He said how much it meant to do things for the ladies and to bring things to him and Frank.  He told me about how he recently bought his wife a little apron and how they have this house now and how he bought a goat for the lawn and I started laughing and sharing how not long ago I bought my sister a goat for the same reason! We laughed about it and then walked over to the table for him to sign the six pack of American Vintage Half and Half Tea I bought (which for a Vintage Minded gal like me I thought is tasty but also great marketing). When I told him it was my birthday, he immediately said, “Well, here let me sign something special for you” and sign a birthday greeting to me. When we said good bye he gave me a couple of kisses on the cheek!

It was awesome! Best Birthday gift a gal could get! Hy-Vee even posted a pic of us and a little synopisis about my meet and greet! Read it here! Be sure to check out their Smile Blog for some other great stories as well as Helpful Smile Blog 3


Until  Next Time … XoXo~

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