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The Ephemera Experience

ephemera  plural of e·phem·er·a (Noun)


  1. Things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
  2. Items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness

After stopping in Ephermera, a quaint little store, the other day I just had to look up what Ephemera meant. When seeing the meaning behind it, I can see where the store gets it’s name, but the funny thing, the experience of visiting their cute little store left a lasting impression on me.

Ephermera Experience This was actually my second time being in the store and I was showing my niece around last week and though the meter was running and I knew I was almost out of time, I told my niece “We just have to stop by this store!”

I love how quaint the store is. It is set off next to Jet and Monkeys (a great little pet store). When you walk into Ephemera you are charmed with cute, quaint banners and posters, fun little delights all around the store, and unique and fun gift ideas one would never think of. The funny things is both times they had it decorated so cute the things I wanted to buy were only their decoration so it wasn’t for sale, but it did give me some cute ideas!

This time the gal and I got to talking about the Hy-Vee that Annick (the new New York transplant writer for DSMISNOTBORING) was writing about. The gal up at the counter and I were chit chatting away and while I was standing there I came across these adorable little buttons in a bowl. I am a button and bow kinda gal so I started pouring through them. I had my niece find some for herself and bought some for the both of us.

I just love the store and I love how it is a part of the East Village Charm. The more and more I visit the East Village stores, it makes me want to have a boutique in that little area too. In addition to the fact there is a charm in East Village on a “Personal Note” the bench on 5th and Locust is where I met my sweetie at a Blues event not long ago.

The East Village is booming with wonder and amazement for me and though I write about stores all over town, I just love the little shops and stores in this part of town.

 Ephemera, you may have a notion for being things people love for a short time, but I think I will love you forever.

You can find out more about this great little store here at their website. They have a cute little blog (from one blogger to another it is divine) and you can see their products and order designs and other fun cute little diddys there!

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