Proving Des Moines is NOT boring



I have heard that word used a lot recently. Well, since I relocated to DSM. See…I’m getting hip to the lingo. Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about what that word really means. I have heard it used regularly in the following contexts and I’m never quite sure how to respond:

1) Have you met Mary yet? She’s different.


2) Have you tried that new restaurant? Well, it’s different.


3) Do you like my new shoes? They’re different.

How the heck do I respond?! I don’t know if different has a negative or positive connotation in DSM. Should I say:

1)    Oh yes I’ve met that Mary character. Boy oh boy is she different! And what’s with her hair?!


Yeah she seems interesting!

2) Yes I have tried it. What a disaster! I’ll never go back!


Yes I have tried it, they’re doing some crazy things with artichokes huh?

3)    Well, honestly, not so much. I’d return them immediately. Run, don’t walk

back to Jordan Creek.


They’re different and that’s what makes them special! Nice find!

Throw me a frickin’ bone here Des Moines! How the heck am I ever going to make friends if I can’t even have a basic conversation? Does different have a negative connotation here? I get the feeling that it does but I’m not 100% sure. In NYC I never had to think about what anyone meant when they were speaking to me. If someone was pissed off at you they’d scream “hey, get out of the road a$$*@L^!!!” at the top of their lungs. I can’t imagine that ever happening here. I really appreciate your help, and thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully in a matter of days I’ll know how to properly use the English language and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll make a new friend or two as well. Can you imagine?!

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