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Kick-off Party to Announce 2013’s Spring Whiff-It

The rate of returning teams each year to Whiff-It has been impressive, considering they are over-competitive tournaments for Whiffle Ball every spring & fall.  As some would know from year’s past,Whiff-It is not just a competitive on-field tournament, however it’s one that extends to a daylong tailgate outside of the Miracle League’s field.

Solid team from the 2011 Fall Whiff-It

Solid team from the 2011 Fall Whiff-It

Whiff-It has also been impressive at raising the funds that keep the field in operation and supporting disabled children.  The Kiwanis Miracle League has ensured that the theme “every child deserves a chance to play baseball” is ongoing here in Des Moines (find out more about their story in this previous post).

This year’s will continue to support charity, including Young Variety and Children’s Cancer Connection, in addition to the Kiwanis Miracle League.  The support starts on Wednesday at Confluence Brewery for the Kick-off Party.  You don’t have to be a player to join the party next week, however it’s the best chance to figure out if you should be forming your team.  Details for this spring’s tournament will be announced including date and times.

What: Whiff-It Des Moines 2013 Kick-Off Party

Where: Confluence Brewery (1235 Thomas Beck Rd., Des Moines, 50315)

When: March 6, 2013 @ 5:30pm

Cost: Free event.  Starting at 5pm, 75 beer tickets @ $2 each will be sold for the introduction that night of Confluence Brewery’s new “Irish Red”.

Food: Provided by Jethro’s BBQ!

Get a head start on team registration here or be ready to sign up at the kick-off.  Co-ed teams of 6-8 players are being formed for $200 each with expenses covering the games and this year’s selected charities.  For more info, contact WhiffitDSM via email.