Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Wednesday Event: 1 Million Cups Dsm

1 Million Cups is a simple event that creates key takeaways on Wednesday’s in Valley Junction.  Every week, a group of entrepreneurs, startup advisors and on-lookers crowd into the back room at Green Grounds Cafe from 9-10am and combine their efforts to pretty much dissect the business model & plan of a startup in one hour’s worth of conversation.

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The presenting companies are seeking anything from PR, customers, funding or simply critical thoughts that will help them propel to the next stage.  For
anyone who’s moved a startup business forward, they will know that this will not happen by sitting back and letting the company coast.  For that reason, the deep discussions and open thoughts from complete strangers or friends in the room can be part of this growing process.

1 Million Cups began in Kansas City via Kauffman Labs as a new way to engage entrepreneurs in the community.  It’s now expanded into multiple cities, including Des Moines which recently introduced this event in 2012.  They’ve now grown their base while showcasing several Des Moines startups including Torsion Mobile, Stickshift, GlamSnap, Silicon Prairie NewsRuster SportsJet Set Studio, and Meidh along with the ISC EDI (if your startup has presented and I missed you, feel free to call me out.  I haven’t made it to all of them!).

The event is free to attend.  Follow updates at @1MillionCupsDsm or sign up to their email list when you stop in and learn why they call it “1 Million Cups”.