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Rubber Boot Bash-Tastic!!

Saturday was the Rubber Boot Bash here in Des Moines over in Valley Junction at the Val Air Ballroom. It was one of the 5 things to do this weekend. Did you go? Being one who not only recently wrote about my Rubber Boots because I love them so much as do others who see me in them, I bought them in Valley Junction so I just HAD to go to this fab event right? Well, of course.

rubber_bootsMy boyfriend and I went early as we heard the weather was not going to play nice so we were not going to be able to stay long. (I could stay out all night, but my boyfriend is not the social type so if you see him out with me, please make sure to make him feel welcome.) He bought a beer and I bought some cotton candy and we proceeded to make our way around the event.

There was a bounce house. And some spinner art for the kids. I will say a few people did mention as I mentioned as well the Facebook Event was not very clear on information about the event. I had no idea there would be children there and that is was family affair. There was also a bit of other info missing like prices and when the bands were playing for each group. Other than that it was fun to be there!

Our friend Cecil White, who also is a DJ for for KFMG Jazz,  invited us to this event and lucky enough the band he was playing with SP3 was playing first. They were a nice, Jazzy Jam Band I would say. There was a small crowd dancing out on the floor and we went out to be a part of the goodness of their sound. There was a cute older lady and her friend dancing away to the jams and a few other casual boys and girls off to the right of us just letting their bodies sway to the tunes. I really enjoyed their sound as well as the little light show they had going on.

We walked around and viewed what they had for Silent Auction items. I wish I had known sooner as I would have submitted something (How does one find out about all these events to submit silent auction items anyway. I really want to do more swag bags from SensaFashion but don’t know who to connect with. If you need a swag item for a fundraiser please contact me btw). I put my name down for the candy basket and for the General Store. I wanted the Jingle in the Junction but it was out of my price range and I could in no way convince the boyfriend to get it for me. He did however desperately want this handmade bowl. He teased that if I won the candy and junk food basket we could put it all in that bowl.

Once we walked around we went up by the chairs and hung out for a bit and my pal , Jennifer Gracey, who is in the  JCI (and works for Sogeti) was there and some of the other Des Moines Jaycees. I was formerly a Des Moines, Omaha and Ralston Jaycee. It was nice to chat it up with pals and meet up with new acquaintances. The Jaycees is a GREAT organization if you want to be involved in the community. There is so much to do and I even won some award for my contribution to the Homeless of which I brought back here to Des Moines. Some of you may remember when I tried to launch Warriors for the Homeless based on my Heroes for the Homeless project I did when I was in the Jaycees.

As I said we were not planning on staying long and the boyfriend had enough and it was freezing cold in there so we did leave early. I did meet up with a few from Valley Junction and look forward to working with them in other ventures needed. Being a Vintage Model I am in Valley Junction all the time for one store or another because they have amazing stores for my needs.

As I said it was a fun event and I look forward to other events in “the Junction”. I told the boyfriend, if we ever moved anywhere else in Des Moines that the junction or near there would be a great place for me as I also could maybe have a boutique there for my Fashion business.

Make sure you keep track of the Valley Junction Calendar to see other great events.

Before I leave I wanted to give a shout out to my Jaycee pals. If you are interested in the Jaycees, I know they would love to have you. CLICK HERE for more info

Until next time,

XoXo~Fashionista TrishaTrixie

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