Proving Des Moines is NOT boring to Des Moines: “Let’s Fix This” dedicated to fixing “broken” appliance repair experience; 1-800-REPAIR-NOW open 24/7 exclusively for metro Des Moines

“The repair experience is broken, but we have the tools to fix it,” said Service Solutions senior vice president Sean Skelley. “In addition to repairing your broken appliance, is going to fix everything that’s wrong with the repair experience by simplifying who to call, what your repair should cost, and understanding what you’re paying for. We’ll also turn the dreaded appointment time window on its head by providing a free downloadable movie, music, or eBook from the Internet.” ensures a better repair experience by distilling every detail of what was universally accepted as an unavoidable headache into one helpful phone call. Calling 1-800-REPAIR-NOW connects to a dedicated Repair Point Person to manage a repair from start to finish. That includes scheduling a convenient service appointment, coordinating with the trustworthy local Repair Guy and keeping the customer in the loop at every turn. Once that call to is made, the customer simply has to remember to be there when the Repair Guy shows up. provides customers a free in-home diagnostic by the Repair Guy and a simple, flat-rate price during the customer’s initial call. Plus, protects every repair with a one-year guarantee to make sure every “fix” stays fixed.

“With, customers are always connected and never alone during the repair process,” said Skelley. “We’ll never simply match you up with a service company and wish you ‘good luck’. stays with you through the completion of your repair and beyond. All unknowns are eliminated and any sense of mystery is history.” embarked on this mission having learned from the people who make appliances, the people who sell them, and the people who use appliances every day. Millions of repairs later, the experience is ready to replace customers’ low expectations with what promises to be the best customer service experience in the business. is a new concept from N.E.W. Customer Service Companies, the leading provider of extended protection plan service repairs. N.E.W. launched the program to help people without extended protection plans enjoy a better repair experience.

“We’re taking what we know works great, and offering metro Des Moines – and eventually the rest of America – a fundamentally better appliance repair experience,” said Skelley. “ has the tools, the people and the guts to take apart the repair experience piece by piece, and fix the parts of the experience that are broken. We’re eager to collaborate with the people of Des Moines to fix this.”

About delivers a better repair experience, including a free, in-home diagnostic, one-year guarantee on the repair and flat rate pricing for trustworthy Repair Guys in metro Des Moines. is part of Sterling, Virginia-based N.E.W. Customer Service Companies, the leading provider of extended protection plan service repairs. N.E.W. developed to help consumers without extended protection plans have a better repair experience. Visit to get the full story.