Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

It’s Time for Long Bike Rides

iowa_bicyclistIt’s finally getting warmer, which means it’s time for long bike rides. The extensive Central Iowa trail system consists of 676 miles of interconnected trails so I have a lot of exploring to do.

I went on my first long bike ride recently. I was so impressed by the bike trails in Des Moines. The trails were marked well and were well-maintained and were a lot of fun to ride on. Going on a long bike ride was a great way to become more familiar with Des Moines. I know that Iowa is famous for long bike rides and I have heard a lot about RAGBRAI which sounds incredible and I am really looking forward to taking a ride on the High Trestle Trail.

I couldn’t believe the variety of bikes that I was seeing around Des Moines on my ride. I saw quite a few recumbent bikes, two Penny-Farthings, and a tandem bicycle. While riding through the East Village I also happened to come accross the coolest bike store that I have ever been to in my life – Ichi Bike. Ichi Bike is specializes in reviving older model vintage bikes, BMX cruisers, Muscle Bikes, Town Bikes, etc. They have so many incredible bikes in the store I didn’t know what to look at next. I highly recommend checking out Ichi Bike.

I am really looking forward to more long bike rides now that spring is here. Let me know what your favorite bike routes are Des Moines, and I’ll see you out on the trails!