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Fun on 5th: These Boots are Made for Talking


A few months ago when I was on a vintage hunt I stepped into Fun on 5th and boy was it!  There were all sorts of different varieties of items as I walked through the store. I spoke to the cashier and asked if the areas of the store were consignment and she informed me that areas were actually rented out! I think that is what makes this store so quirky and unique is that as you stroll through the store you can the differences in the items though is a cohesive “cuteness” and “uniqueness” about the store items. They have everything from ornaments, scarves, globes, do it yourself buttons, fuzzy children’s slippers, plate sets, one of a kind handbags, clothes, candles, shoes, necklaces, Damask canister sets, you name it and in the back….floor mats.

The item that drew me in were these quirky boots called Corkys. They are like Wellies, rubber slickers but they look kind of like cowboy boots.  I were them nearly everywhere I go and if you follow me on social media you have seen me post pictures of them over and over. When I was in New York at NYFW people literally grabbed me and asked me where I bought them and where they could buy them too!

They are super comfortable and they have great grippers on the bottom so I don’t feel like I am going to fall. They are definitely something that gets noticed when I walk in or out of a room and they sure are getting talked about!

If you want to get your own pair of Corky’s or see what other amazing, unique and fun items you can get at Fun on 5th go to Valley Junction, turn right on 5th street and they are a few doors down to the left.


Until  Next Time … XoXo~TrishaTrixie

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