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Wolves in the Attic – Pink Mist

On the right side of Wolves in the Attic’s Bandcamp page it says, “No breath on Wolves in the Attic has been uttered without their undeniable link to the groove of the alternative 90s.” That statement made me wonder a bit if it was tongue in cheek, because they are so much more than a 90’s tribute act. I can see the influence, and I get where someone could see that, but it took me a few listens. I honestly picked up as much of a Cramps influence and even a bit of a Velvet Underground or Television influence. Not to mention, their sound fits in with the modern garage rock renaissance. Sure there are hints of Dinosaur Jr. or Archers of Loaf and early Foo Fighters mixed in. And the grunge influence on the instrumentals is obvious. But mostly Pink Mist is just a rock and roll album and does rock and roll things on its rock and roll tracks.

3462210799-1Wolves in the Attic are a three piece Des Moines band made up of some veteran and renowned musicians, Eric Moffitt, Chris Lachky and Trent Derby. The trio’s new EP, Pink Mist, is a six song set that showcases what their style. The style is loud and tempo quick. The tracks are hard and the guitar work is heavy, but in that J Mascis way where the notes are clear and delivered with skilled intent. The guitar is very noticeable in the recording, with riffs dominate throughout each track and often a screeching solo snuck in there as well.

It is really tough to pinpoint what tracks I like the best, is there is a definite similarity to them. Not in presentation, but in style and in attitude. I think my favorites are the musically devastating “Soft Machine” and “Oh Heaven” and the surprisingly beautiful “Aging”.  All six are pretty incredible rock tracks. The EP is available for purchase on their Bandcamp page, or you could head out to Vaudeville Mews and pick one up there.

Try Not To Miss Shows – 2/14 – 2/20

First things first, if you get a chance please throw a vote towards Roxi Copland. If she finishes at the top, ArtistSignal throws a chunk of money towards her recording. She has a real shot at winning, and it only takes a moment of your time.

Josh Davis (of Bright Giant) w/ Brent Garland (of Holy White Hounds), Mary McAdams and Joel Baker – Vaudeville Mews Feb 14 8pm

Four Iowa songwriters, with two known more for their powerful bands than their solo efforts. Should be an interesting show.

Bright Giant w/ John June Year– Gas Lamp Feb 15 8pm

If you like what you hear from Davis on Thursday, catch the full band on Friday.

Coolzey w/ Angle and Raashan Ahmad –Vaudeville Mews Feb 15 6pm

Some more Iowa hip hop, this is also the EP release for Des Moines MC Angle’s White Andy.

Wolves in the Attic w/ Pussy Willow, Jordan Mayland and the Thermal Detonators – Vaudeville Mews Feb 15 10pm

And this is the release show for Wolves in the Attic. Go to two shows in white night and grab some new music.

Transform Your VD – House of Bricks Feb 15 5pm and 9pm

An art event with lots of visual and performing artists including Jen Allen of Hath No Fury and Cover Grrrls. (VD is Valentine’s Day, by the way.)