Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

W.A.M. of a Good Time

We are excited to invite you to our first W.A.M. (Wine, Art & Music) party!

This  event is a way to get people together, help support local charities and enjoy different styles of wine, art and music.

d1331The plan is to do these quarterly events combining different styles of wine, art and music. Each quarter we will give you a unique experience and a different combination that often involves a theme.All of the profits from this will go to benefit local charities.

The initial event is this Friday at 6pm, tickets are $25 which includes all the wine, food, music, art and networking you can handle. The space is limited and we can only have 100 people for our roll out party. Tickets can be purchased on Tikly here.

If you’re planning on bringing friends, please RSVP the total amount of people you plan on bringing.

The theme for this quarter centers around earth.The artist, Madai Taylor, who resides in Ft Dodge, IA does earth inspired art often using mud as the medium for his paintings. The painting we used as the photo is called “Mind Blowing” and will be one of many pieces featured at Moberg Gallery.

To go with the earthy theme, we will be serving wine that has an earthy flavor. These type of wines are traditionally old world wines that range from Syrahs to Pinot Noirs. We will be using 2 wines from France and one from Argentina. For those of you whose pallets don’t favor that type of wine, we will also have a Chardonnay, Savingon Blanc and a Jammy Cabernet.

Bringing the event together is our musician, Willie James Shay, a local artist who has been playing jazz, blues and other styles for over 40 years. Continuing with the theme, he will be playing some blue grass inspired rock music along with some jazz.

Since it is Telethon season, the proceeds from this event will go to Variety Club of Iowa which benefits over 80 local children’s charities.

We hope you can join us for an evening of fun, appreciating the finer things in life and supporting a great cause.