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Valentine in Des Moines Recap

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week we had quite a night planned for Valentine’s Day. I thought some of you might be interested to hear how it went. Many of the things I did here in Des Moines were new to me or different than what I normally do, though I do go out quite a bit and am often teased that I am not only a Fashionista but a Socialista as well.  I admit that I do go out quite a bit but I think there are those who go out more than “I” do, though I  try to be a patron to the businesses here in Des Moines to support my community at least once a week.

CAFEDISCALIAWe started our night going to Café di Scalia. I begged my boyfriend Ben to go there since I had never been. It was mentioned to me that I need to get reservations ahead of time to ensure a table as their hours are only Thursday-Sunday.  He made the call and that is where the humor begins. He called and left a message. Of which they called and left a message to call back to confirm his message. So he called to confirm. Then a few days ahead I the week he received another message to call to confirm the reservation. Of which he called back to confirm his confirmation of the confirmation of the reservation. The day before he received yet another call to confirm his reservation. So, he called back to confirm his confirmation of his reservation confirmation. By this time we were laughing so hard the night before we said “Now with our luck we will get there and they won’t have our names”. Man, they REALLY want to make sure you want to eat there, I guess! When we got there, the gal had a hard time seeing and it took her a minute to catch our name. I thought, “Oh no see, they can’t find us.” When someone else was a no-show I sincerely wondered if they thought it was us.


They sat us near the bar which was loud and clanky with the glasses and ice and I was sitting half in a booth and Ben on the other side. Though I wasn’t too thrilled about that, as the night progressed I realized the man behind the bar was either a chef or owner based on the comments he was making to the staff and interjection he offered to help us out since I couldn’t have the dessert choices on the PreFixe because they were all chocolate.  The meal was very nice and quite tasty. Tony was very nice and helpful. Emily our waitress was sweet and sincere and quite attentive. The whole thing combined turned out to be a success. I do think I would have had a better experience not having to sit in a booth near the bar, but if I hadn’t I might not have had the opportunity to meet Tony, so there you go. I would highly recommend Café di Scalia to anyone who wants a special night on the town. Their food was phenomenal, the staff and the atmosphere were well worth it!

Next we went to the Des Moines Social Club’s makeshift home at The Kirkwood to see The Last Five Years. I always feel weird going there to the DMSC because for one, I used to live at The Kirkwood on the 15th floor so it seems odd to go there for events, and two I used to frequent the DMSC when they were downtown and The Kirkwood just isn’t like it used to for me and I would be really glad when they are in their new place. We ended dinner early and had no one to go so we checked in early. Sadly because now The Kirkwood foyer area is open the chairs and couches have all been removed and so here I was in my pretty dress with nowhere to wait because they wouldn’t let people in early. I was wearing high heels and had just eaten so of course desire to relax I parked in on the steps of the Kirkwood. I mentioned to Ben how it would have been a great photography shoot. “Disgruntled Model Waiting for Production” I think if I had a TOG friend nearby I would have called them. Once they opened the doors we had to pick a place to sit because the performance was Front to Back I think they call it. If you sat in the wrong place you would miss a part of the show. Ben didn’t want to sit up front so we sat slightly in the middle in the back. Seat choices were good, and the performance was AMAZING! I took ten years of vocal instruction and I don’t think I could belt it out like they did and do so well. I was thoroughly impressed with the talent of the artists and their acting ability throughout the musical as well. I have been listening to Last Five Years’ music for some time now but hadn’t seen the musical until now. I was very happy we went and enjoyed every minute of it.

Trisha and Max Wellman

Trisha and Max Wellman

Last on the agenda was Mr. Max Wellman at Java Joes. When I head he was going to be in a small space venue and some place as pleasant and down to earth as Java Joes, I was nearly jumping for joy. Looking back I realized I tend to go for the close knit venues more so for bands. I have listened to everyone from Sublime,  Colbie Caillat, Gwen Stefani, Brooke Ramel, The Nadas , & The Parlours to Max Wellman now in these style of places and I must say I love them the best. If you don’t already please learn, volunteer or be aware of the Des Moines Music Coalition (DMMC), GDP and 80/35. There is some AMAZING talent here in Des Moines that you are possibly missing out on! When I heard Max was going to be at Java Joes, I just knew I had to end the night listening to his music style. I love to hear him sing those bluesy, jazz sounds as it makes me feel like this little vintage model fell back in time. Then as if that wasn’t enough we had a special guest appearance by Adrien Daller, the female voice most know behind Trouble Lights.  Adrien’s sultry soothing sound wowed the crowd and at the end of the night Max got a standing ovation.


Funny story to end the night, my dress decided to have a wardrobe malfunction with the back zipper and I was happy it happened at the end of the night and not in the middle. I forgot to follow my own rule (always have a safety pin in my purse) because I switched purses for this night. Even a model and Fashionista can end a great evening with something crazy happening.



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