Des Moines is NOT boring

The Tropic of Des Moines

There’s a great little countdown widget site that keeps me updated on how many days until Spring – as of press time, it should be about 43 days.

75726_162879003742880_4922471_nYes, I’m having a bit of a tough time with the snow storms and colder weather. Right now I’m feeling like last winter (my first in Iowa) was a bait and switch. There I was last year, lulled into thinking, “This is ain’t so bad.” And plenty of locals telling me that maybe California followed me to Des Moines with the mild winter. And not to say we haven’t had a number of warm days here and there this year. But this deep freeze is something else.  Maybe it’s just taking me a while to acclimate to sub-zero temperatures.

So, for a little break from Old Man Winter, we went for a visit to the Des Moines Botanical Center. Walking into the main conservatory area reminded me of what it felt like to land in Hawaii – that first feel of warm, slightly humid air. Okay, the Hawaii comparison may be a bit of a stretch, but suffice it to say that it just felt good.  I could have brought a book and sat on a bench for the afternoon, but with toddler in hand, we did a few loops around the paths, pausing here and there at the waterfall to look at the fish. It was a great escape for about an hour, before donning our heavy winter coats to head back outside.

I definitely want to get back soon, especially for some of the special events. Throughout February, the center features their Botanical Blues program. Every Sunday this month, you can check out local musicians as they perform in the conservatory from 1pm – 3pm. You can go to their site for this month’s calendar.

All the Botanical Center has to do is add happy hour and pina coladas, and it would bring us all a little bit closer to Hawaii in the middle of winter.