Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

The Ridgemont Remains Best Place for Hockey

Most Des Moines Bucs fans know this place as dependable for a pre-game or post-game stop throughout the season.  Being almost directly across the street from Buccaneer Arena, the Ridgemont has taken full advantage of game night crowds.  Thankfully, they have not limited themselves to just USHL hockey, as they’ve continued to ensure that all NHL games will be televised. Ridgemont

With an end to the lockout, that’s a good thing for this year as each team pushes through it’s 48 game schedule.  Last night, some urgency was placed on needing to watch the new rivalry of Sabres vs. Bruins and they had the game ready when we stopped up.  Realizing I no longer live in the Northeast, this is tough to find as I’ve mentioned before the options are limited when it comes to finding a game outside of a brief Sportscenter highlight.

The Ridgemont itself is worth a stop even for non-hockey fans.  Some people consider it an “80’s themed bar“, which I do not know enough about the 80’s to state whether or not it qualifies.  For now, I’ll take comfort in knowing that there is at least one place to find rivalry games.  Next up, is creating enough demand so that we can guarantee having the play-by-play call.


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