Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Peace Tree sets up for Micro-Brew Night at Mars Cafe

When it seemed like there was little room for additional micro-breweries in the market, Peace Tree somehow figure a way to win a lot of us over. Just a few years ago, the stock-up of Coors, Bud, and Miller Lite started getting smaller in the beer aisle and for most beer drinkers that’s been a good thing.

Through the transition, it’s almost seemed tough for an up and coming brewery to compete with what the larger distributors are putting out. On top of that, PTreewe’ve already seen some pretty good local beers coming out of Central Iowa (see Olde Main, Madhouse). Peace Tree Brewery, out of Knoxville, has still been able to establish itself in Des Moines.

They’ll continue that presence tonight with their presentation and tasting from 5-7pm at Mars Cafe. If you somehow have never tried their Red Rambler or Rye Porter, then you should probably stop down to this.

Another reason to stop down is if you thought Mars Cafe (2318 University Ave, middle of Drake neighborhood) was just for coffee. This will be their first in a monthly series of Micro-brew nights, which is followed tonight by their Jilted Slam at 8.