Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

New Shopping in East Village: Village Boutique…This store is “Definitely Not Boring”

When going about town looking for shops to showcase for DMINB I want it to be something unique and different. I want it to emulate DMINB and not be your average shopping mall store or something you can get anywhere. I also don’t want it to be something everyone else had written tons about either.

20130129_123527Lucky for me, Village Boutique just happens to be one of those stores. In my walk about the East Village after one of my modeling gigs last week I was strolling through town looking for some items for an upcoming photo shoot I was going to be having soon. Parking being the premium in downtown, the only parking was in front of this quaint little store.

As soon as I walked into their store I was enamored! I was greeted immediately by a classic car sectioned off by rope with an adorably dressed mannequin. As I walked around the store I continued to be impressed by the store staff and the stores charm. From the quaint barstools, to the bright colors all around everything had a uniqueness and difference to it that drew me in.

Connected to the store was a design side of the store where they also offer furniture and home accessories and will come in and style and design any home or office as well. Though that side of store was under renovation, I could still see its charm with shuffle boards, chaise lounge chairs and Zebra striped puppy beds.

They also showcased a children’s selection of clothing and clothes designed specifically for Village Boutique from various designers. The great thing too is that the items you find at Village Boutique you won’t find anywhere else.

If you want to visit a cute store, are looking for furniture or home accessories or looking for affordable clothing in a great location with great staff…then go visit Village Boutique in the East Village.

If I could vote on stores…I would vote Cutest Store on the Upper East Side! :-)


Trisha Trixie Hunter is a Vintage Inspired Model and Fashionista Fashion Blogger for Fashionista Fun by SensaFashion as well as Fashion Designer for her own line Fashion Femmes Le Boutique bySensaFashion. Follow Trisha on Twitter @TrishaTrixie @SensaFashion or Facebook