Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Grocery Food Fight!

War has been declared. In local grocery stores that is. Two of the heaviest of the local heavyweights in the battle for your grocery dollars have come out swinging with similar-but-different programs.

Hy Vee leads with “Hy-Vee Fuel SaverTM,” it’s official banter stating:

331890_10151332227138186_188619960_o“There’s no limit to the number of Hy-Vee Fuel Saver products you can purchase. And each item you buy means you’ll pay less for your gas [at Hy Vee and Casey’s gas stations]. The more you shop, the more you save on gas.”

Dahl’s counters with its “My Ways to Save Club Card” program, stating:

“For every $25 you spend at Dahl’s in a single transaction, you can save even more on fuel – up to 15¢ per gallon, per purchase. You’ll earn points on nearly everything you buy and you can redeem those points at more than 20 metro Dahl’s Fuel or QuikTrip locations.”

Both programs are good for shoppers, each in its own way. As gasoline went up about a dime a gallon recently, these promos could not be timed better. Hy Vee rolled out their program first. Dahl’s followed in reaction to Hy Vee? I could be wrong about that; it wouldn’t be the first time!

Hy Vee lists specific items that have to be purchased in order to accumulate points to earn your cents off fuel. A lot of the featured items I noted in a recent flyer seemed to lean toward the junk food variety. Dahl’s’ program has an asterisk, pointing out that certain Rx purchases are not eligible for the discount. So I guess beer’s okay?

I have a card from both, as I find my home equidistance between a Hy Vee and a Dahl’s.

I just moved back to Des Moines from Lafayette, Indiana where Kroeger is king. Its program gives you a point for every dollar spent. When you accrue 100 points in a month, you get 10 cents off per gallon of gas. Invariably, I’d accumulate about 87 points every month!

A small criticism of Hy Vee; I searched their website for the store in my ZIP code. It’s listed as a drugstore? Plus, I don’t think Hy Vee’s Knoxville, Pella, Marshalltown and Osceola locations should show up in a specific search for Hy Vee locations within 15 miles of my Des Moines ZIP code. There might be a helpful smile in every aisle but the Hy Vee website is not exactly user-friendly.

My conclusion? None, really. Except maybe if you’re stocking up on junk food, go to Hy Vee; if it’s beer, go to Dahl’s. You’ll be rewarded either way!

And if you want to do your grocery shopping on Sunday, skip Fareway. From its website: “The idea of resting on Sunday is something in which our founder, Paul S. Beckwith, firmly believed; in part because of his religious beliefs, in part because of a story told to him by his father.” The story is worth the read —