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DSMISNOTBORING Fashion Blogger goes to NYFW for IFBCON

I just got back from a whirlwind trip in New York in the heart of New York Fashion Week for a Conference for IFBCON Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference.  Though some of the smaller shows for Fashion Week started a bit before, Friday is essentially the big kick off.  The hustle and bustle of the city is crazy always but the week before Fashion Week makes it even crazier. Then being there for this amazing Fashion Bloggers Conference was even more amazing.  Day one was a full day of Panels from a variety of panelists from Brands to Fashion Bloggers to Photographers to Models. There were booths set up for us to get our hair done by Frederic Fekkai , create fun shirts by MailChimp, get some fun makeup done and swag by Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals,  and meet amazing people like Tyson Beckford (Yes I did meet him and take my picture with him) for Monster Products Headphones, and learn about some affiliates like Alex and Ani who makes recycled metal jewelry. The second day was a full day of workshops. I don’t even know where to begin.  The ROSTER is HERE so you can see all the things that went on but I will share what I, as an Entrepreneur, took away from the event.

Untitled-1Debunking SEO What Fashion Bloggers Need to Know: This was important to me coming from a Web and Social Media side of things. I found it very informative and helpful. Most helpful thing I thought was said “Make sure your tags are refined and relevant to your blog.”

Design and Monetize Your Blog: I actually almost Overheard it. I mean I get it. If it is more than just a hobby, try to make money at it. But there were a lot of what they constantly referred to as “Baby Bloggers” (Though my mind kept going to little 3 month olds trying to type on a keyboard” not all of us are Baby Bloggers and some of us don’t want to monetize, some of us do and some don’t want to splash every page with ads. Readers want to read the posts not be flashed with ads every ten seconds. I felt it was a bit of overkill but some of it was good info.)

Beyond Ads The ways to Monetize Your Site: That being said the one I did really like ad resonate with were the guys from  Shop My label. Love the guy in the Bow Tie for One. Danny Beyer from Bow Tie Wednesday I think would adore this guy’s bowtie and these guys seems to get the idea of what I was saying earlier. This was more than just ads.

How to Take Great Photos for your Blog: As a model this is always a big thing for me. When I see pictures on person’s site or Facebook and they are selling/promoting someone and the pictures look like crap, I want to reach through the internet and smack them. I don’t always take great pic either, but over and over not having great pics is bad for your brand. This one is worth reading if you have a blog or site and you have this issue.

A Bloggers Guide to Trademark Law: Someone of you may know my former presence here in Des Moines as Social Fusion. I had to let it go because of a Trademark Infringement. I truly feel I have suffered since. Building a brand is hard. If someone rips it out from under you once you have and you have to start over, not good. Do it right the first time. I hope I don’t ever have to go through that again.

Day one wrapped up with an amazing after party at the Lillium at the W Hotels. Now the big news. If you followed @Whotelsinc and Tweeted or Instagramed @Whotelsinc with a hashtag #Wfashion one lucky winner was announced the following morning to win a 3 night stay at the W in NYC in September during NY Fashion Week 2013….drum roll please…YEP I Won! Giggle Squeak and SQUEAL! When they called my name I jumped up and down and squealed! Everyone laughed! I can’t wait to go back in September and this time I think I will be there a whole week! I am going to apply to MB Fashion Week for some Fashion Shows and who knows I might get in and have an even BIGGER story to tell then!

Hope you enjoyed my Wrap up about NYC Des Moines! It was a blast! Next time I will take a Dm Register with me and take a pic or something! J

Be Fashionably Fabulous wherever you go!


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Trisha and Tyson Beckford

Trisha and Tyson Beckford


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