Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Atomic Fashion Finds

Often times I get stopped on the street and asked “Where did you find those?”

Being Fashionista takes courage, dressing vintage even more so.  I dress for myself. I don’t dress to what the latest trend is or who is wearing what. I dress to what I like. That is not to say if I see that Fur is all the rage (which at NYFW it is right now) that I won’t add a few fur pieces to my wardrobe, but if I do, you can guarantee it will be Vintage Inspired.


My current favorite hot spot is Atomic Garage. I think I have gone in so much they almost know me by name now! I love the friendliness of the girls behind the counter, not to mention all the wonderful items they sell!

If you truly want a great place to find some vintage items this is the store to go to. Not only do they have great vintage items, but they also RENT. Yes you heard me they rent items out. Need an Ugly Sweater but don’t want to go buy one. Rent one. Need a funky outfit for an 80’s prom? Rent one. What about some GO-Go boots for a 70’s themed art show? Yep, rent one.

The other great thing about Atomic Garage is their parent store A-Ok across the street. A-ok has other finer items for a little more for your wallet as well as furniture on the upper level. A-ok has old jukeboxes, telephone booths, Gasoline Pumps and more.

Atomic Garage has all the items that are the TrishaTrixie favorites that I just adore such as gloves, hats, muffs, furs, vests, dresses, coats and more.  They have bowties for people like Danny Beyer and those who love Bowtie Wednesday. They have awesome shoes to choose from and even cigarette lighters for the collector.

If you haven’t been there before go to 5th Avenue on Valley junction. Its a few doors door right off Railroad Avenue with the Big purple and 70’s retro looking front. Push the door hard when you walk in and be ready to be greeted with an amazing smile and an amazing store!






Trisha Trixie Hunter is a Vintage Inspired Model and Fashionista Fashion Blogger for Fashionista Fun by SensaFashion as well as Fashion Designer for her own line Fashion Femmes Le Boutique bySensaFashion. Follow Trisha on Twitter @TrishaTrixie @SensaFashion or Facebook