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A Smart Start to 2013

Happy New Year! It’s been a bit of a delayed start to the year for me and my family given that the flu dropped by for an extended holiday visit. But I’m happy to say I’m back and all raring to go (as long as there is still Kleenex within arm’s reach).

198911_211619818851710_8335135_nNormally I’m all about setting a long list of intentions and aspirations for the New Year. I’m not sure whether it’s the lingering affects of the flu, or the news events of December that had me turning inward towards my family and loved ones, but this time, I’m taking a slightly different approach. If I can just set one intention – to be more mindful and present – I think that will take me a long way.

What the heck does “mindful” mean? For me, it means being more aware of what I see, say, do, eat, think, read, keep, lose, etc. all while being more present in the moment, versus my head racing about the past or future. It will be a challenge.

To start off the New Year, one of the events I will do my best to be present for is the Smart Talk Women Series, which starts next week. I gave a preview of the event in a post last November, back when January seemed miles away. Briefly, there is one event each month, starting this month through to May, and each evening includes pre-show socializing and food, plus Q&A at the end of the presentation. The series features a pretty unique line up of celebrity speakers:

– Doris Roberts on January 17

– Joan Lunden on February 20

– King Peggy & Eleanor Herman on March 12

– Lara Logan on April 22

– Paula Abdul on May 6

When I reached out to the organizers for more info, they kindly offered a discount for DSM is Not Boring readers. To get 20% off the ticket price, call 515-246-2300 and quote the promo code PRESENT (a total coincidence, but perhaps another message from the universe to be present!).