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Why eat at a chain Wednesday: Nick’s Tenderloin & Italian Beef

I just want to say for starters I am not a big “tenderloin” kind of guy. I am not sure why that is, but I have traditionally not selected them when given the option. That same predicament happened when I went to Nick’s Tenderloin & Italian Beef the other day. How could I go to a tenderloin joint and not select a tenderloin?

Well, the convenient answer is I was craving an Italian Beef sandwich, but more so I was just not looking to dig into Nick’s mainstay. To say I wish I had is an understatement. Not that the Italian Beef was a bad selection, Nick’s surely knows how to make a solid beef sandwich. Yet, it was pretty moist, so much so that the bun was nearly juice-logged and unable to be eaten with my hands. Not that it was that big of a deal to eat the sandwich with my fork, cause I nearly had to because the sandwich was so freaking huge! I was sure I was not going to be able to finish it, but after I got into the sandwich I could not put it (well, the fork) down, which if you’ve ever read this column before you know I never find a meal I cannot finish. Besides the juice-logged bun I would highly recommend the Italian Beef – after all it’s name is on the sign it can’t be that bad. Right?

Nick’s Tenderloin & Italian Beef is home to the Townhouse Tenderloin, which is a tenderloin that has won a bunch of awards as one of, if not the, best tenderloin in Iowa. So, armed with that knowledge my former co-worker decided to choose the tenderloin for her lunch. She went with the “Queen” tenderloin, which was not a reference to her personality at all it was actually just the second to the top on the Menu, you see the largest tenderloin at Nick’s is the King. When the tenderloin arrived it looked like a big patty with a mini bun, yet the bun was full sized and the sandwich was just huge. She said he loved it but she could not finish it. I know, she should have taken one for the team and devoured it as I did with the Beef.

Nick’s is on South West 9th Avenue just south of Lincoln High School. Their hours are actually not listed on any of the material I have but they are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. Stop in and say Hi to Nick, he will likely be back in the office doing paperwork.

After all, why would you want to eat at a chain when you can eat at Nick’s?