Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Shocking! Free tickets!

I’m shocked! There I said it. I am shocked no one has answered the challenge question on our Facebook Page to get 2 free tickets to tonight’s Home for the Holiday’s show by Max Wellman. When we’ve done these drawings in the past we’ve always had a great turn-out, but for some reason this one has been a blank. I guess it may be because the tickets are for tonight’s 9:30 show that will also include music by Chris Ford of Christopher the Conquered. Not that Chris is the reason for the lack of participation, rather it is the fact that it is tonight…

Surely you read Shawn’s post last week featuring the event tonight?


Well, click above to get more info on it if you wish. The contest has a $40 value that you could get for absolutely free should you go to our page and answer the question.

The contest goes until 2:30 today.