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Number 7: A Fresh Update on a Simple Concept

Number 7 Brewery, located at 302 SW Maple Street, is nestled in one of the oldest buildings in Ankeny and it is an update on an old, yet brilliant idea: quality food and quality beer in a welcoming and relaxed environment.  I have visited the place twice and both times have been impressed with their friendly service.

On my most recent visit Number 7 debuted their Drunken Sailor IPA, a 5 hop beer that reminded me of New Belgium’s Ranger IPA (high praise from me).  The beer had the perfect mix of citrus and bitter that makes for a great American IPA.

On both of my visits I have sampled their KB Kolsch, a serviceable brew.  For the true beer nerd (not snob!) this beer doesn’t have much to offer.  But as they say on the Number 7 website it serves as a great “gateway” beer into the taste-bud pleasing world of craft beer.  I’ve drank plenty of beers that were less tasty than the KB Kolsch before entering a sub-culture in which IBUs (International Bitterness Units) are common parlance.

And even for those who might just want to sample the house beer before moving on to their old favorites Number 7 offers a substantial variety of bottled beer.

But what I left Number 7 remembering the most was their barbeque, specifically their BBQ Pork Nachos.  It’s easy to find a nacho appetizer at any restaurant in town, because it doesn’t require much work to make mediocre nachos.  Lay down chips, add meat, pile on sour cream, salsa and repeat.  Number 7 however prides itself on fresh barbeque and the pork used by Number 7 was worth the price of admission.

Number 7 Brewery is a relaxed, comfy place to catch up with an old friend or get to know a new one better.  It’s just a solid place to go to sit down and have a good conversation over great food and fresh drinks.  A new idea? Not really, but if it ain’t broke…

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