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Before the Sirens to Keep Des Moines COOL

The next 2 weeks are about to get loud as the call to action stands for all of us to bring Des Moines Social Club to the Firehouse.  The idea of our non-profit organization moving into this space has already sparked a lot of energy, which can bring back the familiarity to DMSC’s first move into 1408 Locust Street in 2009.

While the anticipation grows, there’s still a few people out there who may be wondering what problem DMSC solves and also, who does it benefit?  After 3 years of serving on the DMSC Board of Directors, I’ve come face-to-face with the people of Des Moines who have these exact problems on their hands:

-The artist who grew up in Des Moines and leaves town to pursue their profession full-time.

The Sirens are about to go off: A call to action for the people of Des Moines to bring DMSC to the downtown Firehouse

-The business owner who needs one more venue to keep the employees they’ve invested in from moving out of state.

-The jazz performer who just moved back to Des Moines and needs a stage to rally with fellow musicians.

-The non-profit that needs public space for their first fundraiser.

-The band that’s looking to play their first live gig.

-The shy individual who’s had their art or photography in the basement still dreaming of showcasing it one day.

These are only the examples that popped into my head today, and behind each one I’m thinking of someone who’s personally brought one of these problems to DSMC.  I’ve watched people come in off the street and pull out whatever last change was in their pockets as a donation.  They’ve felt a need for our movement, like the downtown workers who’ve commuted for 20+ years and always doubted their city’s ability to innovate.

The next steps to escalate a more vibrant city around us are not months or years away, they’re positioned to happen right now!  The Des Moines Social Club has a major opportunity in the next few weeks to secure its long-term home if the City of Des Moines is ready to show that they are also on board.

The Situation: The decision of whether or not DMSC gets the Firehouse is not up to you or me, it is in the hands of your elected city leaders.

So now what?  These city leaders need to know that we want this to happen, so we need to make noise and get their attention before the June 25th Council Meeting.

Action Steps: As yesterday’s letter from Zach points to, it’s time to start posting, write letters to the editor, use your own social media and spread the word in the next 2 weeks.

The fight for the Firehouse is real.  Stay tuned in, we’ve got more plans heading your way next week. Its time to sound your siren people!

Updates on twitter: #KeepDSMcool

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