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He Ate/She Ate: High Life Lounge

He Ate/She Ate: High Life Lounge

Sep 13, 2011

He Ate I like crap beer. There I said it. I especially like crap beer when it’s in a can. To me, that’s the only way to drink something like Hamms. You need some of that metallic flavor to intensify the taste of unadulterated skunk. Typically, when I’m drinking Hamms in a can, I’ll want something deep fried. Like pickles. Or tater tots. Also, you might...

Fundraiser for 48 Hr Film Project

You remember when Courtney featured the 48 Hour Film Project back in July. Right? Well, her post featured how the Project works and how the weekend was to play out. Of course, that was before-the-fact perspective so it makes sense to update what happened. Right? Ok, I will get away from my statement and question format – I know it can be annoying. Anyway,...