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Want to become a Couponing Expert?

Clipping coupons has always been a great way to save some extra green at your favorite grocery store.  The popularity of a new reality-style show on TLC called “Extreme Couponing” recently shed light on just how far people will go to save money, and sometimes actually make money at the supermarket when getting supplies for their families.  TLC cameras follow these bargain hunters as they showcase their ability to save “extreme” amounts of money by clipping, printing and saving coupons.

The show is intense and features only the most fanatical couponers.  Many of the featured shoppers make couponing a full-time job and have stockpiles of groceries in their basements and garages that would make a World War II bunker blush.  Because of their use of double coupons and other deals, many of them end up with so much credit at the end of a transaction that they can purchase hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for free.  I know it sounds impossible that someone could accumulate enough coupons to make this happen but with traditional outlets for coupon collecting paired with the power of the Internet, the savings seems endless.

A local woman named Katie Kitterman is preparing a workshop on how you can unlock the secrets to becoming a savvy couponer while saving your family hundreds of dollars per month. She’ll teach ways to use coupons more effectively, how to use Facebook to save money, how to read, understand and organize coupons, four other sources for coupons besides the newspaper, and how to shop at your local stores.

I really like this last part about finding the best deals and “shopping” local stores.  One of the reasons I don’t think the “Extreme Couponing” scenario would work to the fullest in our community is because it doesn’t seem like any of our grocery stores have double coupon specials or some of the other crazy money-saving programs the grocery stores featured on the TLC show have.  But I could be wrong. Maybe Katie can show me the way to unlocking savings like I’ve never known!  I’m willing to give it a try and think you should too.

The classes will be held at the Grimes Community Complex at 410 SE Main Street in Grimes.  There are 2 class times: Thurs. Oct. 13th 6-8pm and Tues. Oct. 18th 6-8pm. You can email Katie at to sign up and let her know which date you will attend. The registration fee is $8 and is paid at the door. Katie says you will make back that fee on your first shopping trip after the class. You can RSVP here via Facebook too. There’s no guarantee you will be the next “Extreme Couponer” after attending this workshop but you might just be on your way.

And join Katie’s Facebook group: Iowa Couponing for extra deals, tips, and sales around the Des Moines area.  Happy couponing to you!
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