Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

80/35 keeps stepping forward…

This weekend almost came sneaking up too fast on many of us, it’s here!  Fourth of July weekend now has a new significance for the midwest, as they can expect one of the nation’s best up-and-coming music festivals to be in Des Moines each year.

While put on by our friends at the non-profit Des Moines Music Coalition, they can never guarantee ahead of time that 80-35 will be here for years to come.  For most of us outside DMMC, we’re starting to get that feeling now as the festival is entering its fourth year and seems once again to be building itself up smoothly downtown. I have a less active approach this year on coordination of the YPC Do More Villlage (thank you Lindsay Alderman -this year’s Coordinator!), I was able to step back and surprise myself this week watching the stages and set-up come together along Locust street.

You always have to enjoy the buzz that builds in these final days heading into tomorrow’s kick-off at Noon of the full two day concert.  Each year, it appears the out of state and tourism croud is growing, which is perfectly on track with Des Moines’ & the DMMC’s collective goal to make this our premiere 4th of July attraction.

Proof that it has worked is evident, just check how many bars and restuarants have catered events and parties around this weekend’s 80-35 crouds.  The hotel business hasn’t minded either.  While we can’t expect the line-ups to stay the same each year, what we can expect is consistency of the production.

This has been helped, too, by some of the same sponsors sticking with it for all four years!  While they originally took that chance in 2008 on what was just an idea, they’ve already seen the value and have stuck with it.  The same people who made those decisions will probably be grabbing a beer next to you down at the show.

Whether it’s free stages or paid admission for the headlining acts, enjoy the shows this weekend.  Congrats to DMMC for pulling this off… again!

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