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Why eat at a chain Wednesday: Something Italian

I’ve worked downtown now for nearly a decade, which is always an amazing thing for me to consider. During that time I have eaten my fair share of lunches at the local restaurants, but there is one restaurant that has been around for the entire decade and is well worth the trudge across downtown, called Something Italian.

Something Italian serves – wait for it – amazing Italian food including sandwiches, pastas, and pizza, but they do it quickly enough to have maintained the lunch crowd over all these years. If you have walked anywhere near the 5th and Walnut section of the skywalk you have likely smelled the fantastic aromas that Something Italian puts out every week day. Louie and his team are usually pretty busy for lunch but their quick service literally gets you and out in a flash, plus they added more seating a few years ago so there is plenty of room for lunch. Waiting in the line to get your grub is definitely recommended because you will not be in the line long.

Now, I said I have had to walk a ways to get to Something Italian, which is somewhat true but also a little misleading. I have always worked near the west side of downtown and something Italian is more towards the eastern side – yet the skywalks meander all around downtown so to get to the restaurant it is a little bit of a jaunt. That said it is well worth the walk. My last trip I picked up the Pasta with Sausage to-go, which comes with a marinara, Italian Sausage, Penne Rigate pasta, and a slice of bread. I usually get the small portion, because it more than does the trick for lunch, yet they have a large portion available as well.  I have had both their pizza – the Papa Luigi is highly recommended – and their sandwiches – the Sicilian or the Paesano are recommended – during my past trips and I can say both are fantastic!

If you work downtown and have not tried Something Italian I recommend you put them on your calendar for this week. They are only open during lunches Monday through Friday, so be sure to get there while you are downtown for work. After all, why would you want to eat at a chain when you can eat at Something Italian?

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