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LAX Makes a Comeback, Season 2 Underway

It was at this time last year, Lacrosse was just getting underway with Des Moines’ first ever organized league.  After gaining momentum and closing out the 2010 Summer Season, it’s found it’s way back onto the fields of West Des Moines with more players coming in from all over Central Iowa.

The current league, known as the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association (CILA), has maintained 4 teams, currently consisting of 64 players total.  Founder Adam Edgington didn’t have to search as hard for guys this year, since all of last years players stayed on board with more guys ready to jump in when more teams open up.  That’s a good problem to have!  While compiling the league together, Adam has already been contacted by 120+ interested players.

While CILA is fairly new, having organized teams is not.  There’s plenty of guys from Valley High School who’ve already gained plenty of experience.  Organized College LAX has also been active with Iowa State and Drake.  Now, guys like myself and my friend Pat who played years ago back east can pick up our sticks and jump on the field every Wednesday.

One of the aspects to jumping out to my games every week is that half the people I know don’t know Lacrosse!  That’s soon to change though, since LAX is now one of the fastest growing sports in the country and expands out from its hotbeds in the Northeast and Eastern Coast.  To grow the game here in Iowa, many of the coaches and players have been volunteering to run the first ever Youth Boys’ Lacrosse Program, which is already full.

My personal mission is not just to keep playing, but to ensure future Championships as the league keeps growing.  Our team Gargoyles took first place last year and has remained in tact heading into this season.  As Week 3 approaches, I see no reason why not to do it again.

Team Gargoyles: 2010 Champs

More opportunities: check out CILA on Facebook.   Active players not on a team?  Stay tuned to CILA for potential Saturday pick-up games in the coming weeks.


Game times: 5:45-8pm, Wednesdays through June & July

Field Location: Southwoods High School, West Des Moines

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